Tailor-made events in Style

Live Alicante and its province with tailor-made experiences based on your needs, taste and budget or surprise your friends and family with a unique special event for any occasion.

You can do anything you fancy and have no excuse not to do it because you don´t know how to organize it or what exactly do. SIS Tours listens to you and helps you dream big about everything you want to experience while guiding and proposing alternative options if you wish so. Once your needs, taste, requirements, style and budget are clear and defined, we take care of everything so that the only thing you have to do on that day is to relax, enjoy, and have fun.  Get ready to be pampered!

Our options:

  1. Within our dossier of activities (Shopping and Wine in Style, Culture in Style, Nature in Style and Sports in Style) choose, combine, or create a totally new one.
  2. Other activities: birthday parties, celebrations and anniversaries, singles events, tapas route, etc.

Contact us directly for a free consultation at info@sistoursevents.com